Carpinteria, California


Family Operated

Owned and operated by the Van Wingerden family

Founded in



15 acres of Greenhouses,

24 acres total

Known for




Green Award for Environmental Excellence

Farm:  Ever-Bloom

Providing customers with a high quality product and best possible service, and with over 275 gerbera varieties, Ever-Bloom’s niche is to fill just about any special need our customers have. Our mission is to provide quality and customer satisfaction with every order through dedication to detail and through environmentally aware farming practices.

Our family has been growers since the 1700’s. In the “old days” as the scion of a grower in Holland, you had two choices – grower or priest. Our father was a grower of tomatoes and lettuce in Holland. In 1967, four Van Wingerden brothers came to Southern California from Holland and established the Dutch Brothers nursery. In 1979 Eduard (Ed) Van Wingerden started Ever-Bloom purchasing 18.5 acres on the site of a lemon grove in Carpinteria. He began by planting gypsophila. Over the years, Ed went on to build a packing house. Then in 1983, started to plant gerberas, chrysanthemums, tulips and alstroemeria as well as adding more acres to his farm. Ever-Bloom takes pride in currently being the only anthurium grower in the contiguous United States. He built his first hydroponics system in 1994 and made the complete conversion to gerbera hydroponics in 1998. Today Ever-Bloom has 24 acres of which 15 acres are gerbera and anthurium production.

Eduard's son, Ivan, has been working at the farm since grade school. He looks to carry on his father's legacy at the farm. Before that day comes, he works along side his father, learning as much as he can about the business of fresh cut flower growing. 








Ever-Bloom is dedicated to a sustainable and environmentally friendly crop. Ever-Bloom was the first flower nursery in Carpinteria to implement a closed-loop irrigation system, where every drop of excess irrigation water is collected and recycled to be used again. This not only decreased their water use by over 40%, but enables them to keep all of their water on their own property with zero runoff. The 600hp boiler has a dual purpose of circulating the recycled, sterilized and reused water throughout a 14-acre range as well as heating the greenhouse when needed. At Ever-Bloom, they are able to generate their own electricity, which can be used during peak demand or for emergency back-up. Also, their dual shade and heat/energy curtains help to protect the crops from excessive temperatures.

Ever-Bloom employs a small army of predator insects as their natural defense against pests. By using predator insects, they eliminate pesticides that may be harmful to the environment while keeping their crops looking their best.


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