EthylBloc™ Truck Kit

protects from ethylene damage

EthylBloc™ Truck Kit

protects from ethylene damage

EthylBloc™ Technology is an EPA approved ethylene action inhibitor. It inhibits the negative effects of ethylene which include: premature wilting, leaf yellowing, premature opening,  and premature death. EthylBloc is a registered trademark of the Dow AgroSciences Company and is not for use on food or food crops.

EthylBloc Technology Information

AgroFresh, Inc.


EthylBloc is intended for use by professional growers, wholesalers, nursery and greenhouse growers and retail florists.


  • Increases flower life up to 300 percent.
  • Helps eliminate leaf yellowing.
  • Decreases premature flower aging.
  • Reduces flower, bud and leaf drop.
  • Inhibits flower opening and wilting.
  • Helps reduce costly scrap and credits.
  • Protects many cut and potted flowers, foliage plants, and bedding flowers and plants.
  • Ideal for use during shipment.
  • Effective in both refrigerated and room-temperature conditions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Nontoxic and safe for workers.


38-gram truck kit    81-09038  


75-gram truck kit   81-09075   1



EPA registration #71297-5-32258 for EthylBloc™ Sachet


EthyBloc™ is a registered trademark of AgroFresh, Inc.