Frequently Asked Questions

1. A: Floralife® PAL Alstroemeria and Lily Pretreatment is used by growers and bouquet makers for cut lilies and Alstroemeria to maintain healthy foliage and flower heads. These two flower crops suffer the postharvest disorder of premature leaf yellowing. Lilies, as well, suffer from improper bud opening and premature bud termination. Proper treatment using Floralife® PAL Alstroemeria and Lily Pretreatment can help alleviate these problems and increase flower freshness.


2. A:  This product is to be used as a fresh flower pretreatment for floriculture application only immediately after the cutting of the stems in processing. Mix product according to the label directions. Place the flowers into the premixed bucket of solution at this time.


3. A: Treat the flowers for a minimum of 4 hours for the solution to be absorbed in the stems. Once treated, transfer into a storage solution so the flowers are provided with nutrients to assure the continuation of development of the flower bud.


4. A: Floralife® PAL Alstroemeria and Lily Pretreatment can be mixed with Floralife® Hydraflor® 100 Hydration Postharvest Treatment or Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food products.


5. A: Yes, it can be used on all flower types, including mixed premade cash-and-carry bouquets. It is most effective, however, on Alstroemeria and lily.


6. A: Growers can treat with Floralife® PAL Alstroemeria and Lily Pretreatment instead of another hydrating solution, then move the flowers into a flower storage solution such as Floralife Clear Professional® Flower Food. A retailer should treat flowers with a hydration solution and then transfer to a fresh flower food vase solution.


7. A: Water temperature doesn’t matter as long as you treat the flowers for the recommended duration with the recommended dosage.


8. A: Use 1 tablet per 2 quarts (2 liters) of water. The solution can be used for up to 3 days prior the need for a fresh batch.