FLORADIP R Postharvest Treatment

Liquid Coverage Treatment for Roses

FLORADIP R Postharvest Treatment

Liquid Coverage Treatment for Roses

Grey Mold (caused by Botrytis Cinerea) is a fungal disease which infects a wide array of plants. Botrytis infections are favored by cool, rainy weather and can be particularly damaging when rainy weather continues over several days. Botrytis Cinerea is also very common in postharvest environments and can attack and damage the cut flower at various stages of the postharvest chain. Moreover, Botrytis spores can germinate in cold store environments thereby further increasing damage to cut flowers.

FLORADIP R Postharvest Treatment is a new solution developed by Greenoy Ltd.* FLORADIP R Postharvest Treatment was specifically formulated as a treatment against the onset of Botrytis in cut Roses. The solution is intended for use as a dip and/or spray treatment soon after harvest. The product is a combination of several elements working together (under a “slow release” mechanism) to combat the development of Botrytis Cinerea.

Why FLORADIP R Postharvest Treatment?

By defending your crop against Botrytis Cinerea, FLORADIP R Postharvest Treatment assists in maximizing your marketable yield. Its unique mode of operation strengthens the crop against the onset of disease, thereby substantially reducing product loss and allowing you to bring to market a better quality and higher value product.

  • Proven results in significantly reducing the postharvest effects of Botrytis
  • Apply as a dip or spray treatment
  • Effectively stops further development of disease already affecting the cut flower
  • Reduces lost product and increases marketable yield




1 liter   80-72008


5 liter 80-72009



(availability depends upon region)

*A Greenoy Ltd. product distributed by Floralife.