Clear 200 eZ Dose®

Clear eZ Dose delivery system only

Clear 200 eZ Dose®

Clear eZ Dose delivery system only

A fast-dissolving, traceable storage solution, Clear 200 eZ Dose® is a convenient holding and shipping treatment. It is made in a micro-perforated packet so it can be directly placed or dropped into a clean flower bucket without having to tear the packet open for use. The micro-perforated holes allow water to penetrate into the packet quickly and dissolve the flower food powder once it hits the water. The fast dissolving patented technology of the packet ensures quick mixing of the contents throughout the entire bucket of water. It is available in premeasured food amounts to accommodate different bucket volumes of water, making the dosage correct for the greatest flower performance.


  • Appropriate amount of nutrients to prevent premature bud opening. 
  • Adjusts the pH of the water for best flower food hydration performance.­
  • Keeps the stem’s “plumbing” free flowing.
  • Can be used on all types of flower varieties.
  • Aids in reducing scrap and customer credits.
  • Effective at room temperature and in refrigeration.




Regular Water        
treats 2 quarts   81-03113


treats 2 quarts   81-03118


treats 1.5 quarts   81-03120


treats 1.5 quarts    81-03122


treats 3 quarts   81-03124


treats 3 quarts   81-03125   1,500/cs.


Specialized formulas are available for PURE and HARD waters. Please call your Floralife® sales representative for technical information.