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We pride ourselves on having the largest Research and Development staff of all our competitors. Our highly trained chemists and on-staff horticulturists constantly test our products against the leading competition. The purpose of our research is to bring only the best products to market. This research is updated monthly, so be sure to check back often. Click on any of the topics below for the latest research news.

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Our Latest Research Updates

Floralife® Express Clear 200 performance test on various fresh cut flower varieties – A revolutionary new product that allows you to eliminate the step of recutting your flowers (January 2016)

Efficacy of New Tablet Dose of Floralife® PRG 100 on cut Gerberas (August 2015)

New Booster eZ Dose® (July 2015)

Long-lasting Hydration for Hydrangeas Using Floralife® Quick Dip 100 Hydration Treatment and Floralife Crystal Clear® Flower Food (June 2015)

Efficacy of Floralife® Orchid Food Clear 300 on Phalaenopsis Stems (September 2014)

Improving the Postharvest Quality of Fresh Cut Dahlias with Floralife® Finishing Touch ULTRA  (June 2014)

Maximize Water Uptake and Minimize Water Loss of Gerbera with OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife + Floralife® Floral Foam Food  (April 2014)

Hydration Pretreatment of Mixed Flower Bouquest with Floralife® HydraFlor® Clear ULTRA 100  (March 2014)

Efficacy of Floralife® HydroSpray on cut Anthurium  (December 2013)

Water Uptake, Fresh Weight and Vase Life in Cut Flowers with Commercial Hydration Treatment and Flower Food  (November 2013)

Roses are Ethylene-Sensitive (October 2013)

Floralife® Floral Foam Food: Soft Stemmed Flower Arrangements in OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife (September 2013)

EthylBloc™ Technology - Different Temperatures with Potted and Bedding Plants (August 2013)

Influence of fresh and reused hydrating pretreatments on rose cultivars (July 2013)

Mix Flower Food Solutions Properly for Maximum Vase Life (March 2013)

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