When to Use

Steps of Fresh

An Introduction to Floralife Care & Handling

Sanitize & Keep it clean

Keeping your tools, working areas and containers free of bacteria and clean is paramount to the health of your cut flowers. Use D.C.D.® solution to disinfect, clean, and deodorize flower buckets, vases, containers, tools, work surfaces, coolers, shipping and packing areas. Benefit from the rewards of fewer bacteria affecting the wellness of your flowers for sale.

100:  Treatment and Hydration

This step jump-starts flowers by opening the stem’s cells and improving flower food uptake. Use Floralife® Quick Dip hydrating treatment for all flower types to rehydrate and condition flowers, after harvest or after a period of dry transport for increased quality and enhanced flower life.

200:  Storage and Transport

Clear 200 storage and transport solution will keep cut flowers fresh and in ideal condition at this stage in the flower chain. Formulated to hydrate and provide the correct amounts of nutrients to inhibit premature bud opening or bent neck. Keeps stems clear and free flowing.

300:  Feed

Take care of your flowers long after they have left you by giving your customers flower food that can be used in a vase or a floral foam arrangement. Floralife® Rose flower food encourages the flower to properly start opening, showing vibrant colors, while increasing freshness and quality—what your customers expect. Can be used in a vase bouquet or in a foam arrangement.

Finishing Sprays

Maximize the natural freshness of fresh cut flower bouquets, floral designs, and evergreens. Using a Floralife® finishing spray will help with hydration and protection with a simple and fast last step measure of insurance before any arrangement goes out a florist’s door. A simple fine mist spray is all it takes to maximize customer satisfaction and extend the enjoyment of receiving flowers.

If you are still not clear on when you should use certain products, we have a video that demonstrates Floralife's 5 Steps of Fresh.


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